Top 20 almond-shaped nails designs ideas

This blog offers you 20 trendy almond nail design ideas. Read more!

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The nail’s shapes and designs undoubtedly pop up your personality vibes. It is cool to have different designs and colours on your nails. Almond nail shapes are the most admired nail shape.

There are millions of nail design ideas, but we’ll guide you about the most attractive designs. Let’s style your almond-shaped nails with us. 

Note: This blog is for both long and short almond-shaped nails.

Let’s dive into it!

1.   Nude colour almond nails

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If you love being simple and elegant at the same time, then nude colour almonds nails are perfect for you. The nude almonds’ nails reflect the sophisticated vibes. Use the good quality nude colour nail paint. Make sure to add a nail shiner or gloss layer on top of it for a glossy nail look. Now you are done with your pretty nude almonds nails without overpowering them

2.   Yellow artsy almond nails

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Let’s match your spring-summer vibe with yellow almonds nails. You can play with the yellow colour on your almond nails. Paint your nails with some yellow lines and arts. At last, coat your nails with gloss for a shiny finish. Now show off your cool yellow almond nails in the refreshing season. 

3. Pink French manicure almond nails

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The pink French manicure design is perfect for short-middle-length almonds nails. Pink colour celebrates the feminine personality. This almond design reflects girly vibes.

It is preferable for casual events. Apply shocking pink nail paint on your nail tips. Make sure to apply the nail shiner layer at last.

4.   Creative almond nails

Photo source @fascino.nailexperience

If you like nail arts and different patterns you’ll also like creative almond nails. You can play with colours and designs. Also draw arts and lines. You only need small brushes and different nail paints. Don’t forget to add nail gloss for long-lasting. Ask your nail artist for this look and spic up your next outfit.

5.   Colourful almond nails

Photo source @ootdcosmos

If you love to wear colourful clothes and accessories, you’ll love these colourful almond nail ideas.

Apply different nail paint colours and gloss at last. 

6.   Orange and yellow almond nails

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Orange and yellow are both refreshing and beautiful colours. The combination of these colours represents the spring-summer vibe. If you are a fan of bright pastel colours, you’ll love this idea.

Just try this almond nail design and enjoy the fresh season. 

7.   Glittery almond nails

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How can you ignore glitters? Girls just love glittery stuff. It just reflects our dramatic personality. They are perfect for parties.

You just need some nail glitters. You can create this look easily. 

8.   Pastel almond nails design

Photo source @tinacreative_studio

The pastel almond nails create the feeling of earthiness and sophistication. If you have a calm, soft, and peaceful personality you’ll love them. 

Use some good-quality pastel colour nail paints on your almond-shaped nails. 

9.   Yellow French manicure

Photo source @jujhaven

Yellow French manicures are perfect for your short almond nails. They also go well with long almond nails. The yellow colour reflects happy vibes. It can be your next go-to nail style. They look beautiful and light. Add yellow nail paints to your almond-shaped nail tips. 

10.   Colourful French manicure

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You can pick different colours for this look. Colourful French manicure is best for your artist’s personality. Make sure to use good quality nail paints. This almond nail design is soft and bright. 

11.   Ice blue colour almond nails

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Ice blue colour represents wisdom, coldness, and relaxation. Ice blue colour almond nails are best for the winter season. It is also perfect for your next beach trip. Apply good quality ice blue nail paint. Make sure to add nail gloss at last. Now enjoy your winter season or next beach trip.

12.   Red Heart design

Photo source @atomicowl

How about red hearts on your nails? You can pick this idea for your next date. If you love cute and romantic stuff you will love this idea. These red heart almonds shaped nails are also best for valentines’ days. You can ask for this look from your nail artist. 

13.   Pale pink colour

Photo source @gisul_nailedit

These almond nails are soft and feminine. This can be your next casual event nail look. Most women love these almonds nails for everyday wear. They are light and soft.

14.   Neon green colour

Photo source @indigodistributor_sara

This nail design represents excitement and happiness. If you’re a fan of pop culture and bright colours outfits you need to try this. It can be your next concert nail look. Make sure to apply good quality neon green nail paint and gloss at last.  

15.   Blacktips almond nails

Photo source @m.dragon.nails

If you love dark colours, you’ll love this nail art. Blacktips and almond nails are the perfect combinations. You can carry this nail look with your black outfit. You can create this nail art on your own. 

16.   Pink and blue combination

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Pink and blue are summer colours. If you love to wear colourful outfits you need to try this idea. You can create different arts and designs. Ask your nail artist for this look and spic up your next outfit.

17.   Classic French manicure

Photo source @magenta_nailstudio

Most women love classic French manicure almond nails. They are elegant and beautiful for daily wear. If you are an office-going woman you’ll love this design.

You can also try this with your white outfit. 

18.   Floral art

Photo source @nailsbysami

If you love cute stuff, you’ll also love this idea. How about drawing floral art on your nails? You can ask for this from your nail artist. It will go well with your summer outfit.

19.   Red almond nails

Photo source @cee.didthat

If you love strong colours you’ll love these red almond nails. This nail design will spice up your next red outfit. You can get these red almond nails on your own. Just apply good quality nail paint and nail gloss at last for a shiny look.

20.   Black almond nails

Photo source @nailedbymaddy

Last but not least, black almond nails represent power and strength. Spice up your next black-out fit with this nail look.

Make sure to apply good quality black nail paint and a layer of gloss on it.  

At last, let us know which one is your favourite almond shaped nails idea?

Thank you for reading this blog.

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